Genesis 27: 1-40 – The World in Front of the Text, Part Two

This week in our daily Rooted in Christ reading, we have been looking at Genesis 27: 1-40.  Today we’ll finish up by looking at verses 30-40 and seeing what this can mean to our lives in this moment.

I want to look at the blessing Issac gives to Esau, but not just in the lens of this moment.  Let’s skip ahead to chapter 33.  In that moment, we see Jacob come to his brother (after Jacob wrestled with God the night before) and repent and apologize.  They are reconciled.  Now are they best buds, is everything perfect, do they get along and have it all figured out?  Most likely not.  But, there is reconciliation.  There is peace. These a level of repentance and restoration.  It is not perfect.  But it is better.

The moment of great conflict in a relationship is not the end of the relationship.  There is always the hope of grace.  The hope of restoration.  The hope of what can do to bring healing.  Who would have thought that God could heal this wound?  But he did.  Restoration came.  Grace came.

God can do the same to our broken relationships.  He can do the same for me and you today.  By His grace, may it be so.

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