Genesis 27: 1-40 – The World in Behind the Text

This week in our daily Rooted in Christ reading, we are going to be looking deeper at the story of Issac and of Jacob.  One of the interesting problems with these two patriarchs is the length of their stories.  We don’t see too many stories about Issac and a good portion about Jacob. I choose the text we are going to look at this week because it really brings the two of them together and gives us a good glimpse of their character.  We are going to be looking at Genesis 27: 1-40.

Leading up to the story, Isacc and Jacob have both had interesting experiences.  Issac and Rebekah had similar problems as his parents, she was barren.  The Lord blessed them with twins Esau and Jacob.  We see though, two things emerge from their lives.  We see that Isaac seems quite weak.  Notice he seems rather easily fooled in the story we read today.  And we see for Jacob the fact that besides some of the judges, man, he’s really something.  If you don’t believe that God can use anyone, stop, and read Jacob’s story.  Seriously.  He really is quite something.

Leading up to this moment in scripture the great truth of their lives is this. God uses imperfect persons.  We see their weakness and their faults, fully on display.  God is faithful, not because Issac and Jacob have “earned” that faithfulness, but because God is.

We’ll talk more about this through the weak, but as we get started, the main thing I want you to understand is the imperfect nature of each of these two who are seen as heroes of the faith. God uses all willing to be used.

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