Genesis 18: 1-15 – Laughter

One of the enduring images of this passage this week is Sarah’s laughter.  I think that laughter can be looked at in a lot of different ways.  Perhaps it is doubt.  “Ha!  Like that could ever happen,” Sarah thinks.  Perhaps it is joy.  “Finally God’s word is coming true!” type of laughter.

I tend to think it was the disbelieving laugh since she denied laughing.  But, no matter what the reason, this laughter stayed with her the rest of her life.  You know what she and Abraham named this promised son?  Issac.  Issac means laugher.  This laugher now is the mark upon her beloved child.

This promised birth brought laughter to Sarah.  And regardless of the origin of that laugher, that promise brought joy to her and Abraham in the birth of Issac.  God, in His due time, brought laughter.  He brought joy.  He brought life.

Today, in the middle of our stress and worry and fear, we may feel as though we may never laugh again.  We will. God will bring laughter.  He will bring joy.  Weeping tarries for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

God will bring laugher today.  Even if we feel like Sarah and may not believe it, it is true.  God will bring laughter.  Hold on to that today.

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