Hebrews 11: 23-40 – The Word of the Text

This week we are looking deeper at Hebrews 11, and today we’ll be looking at the World of the Text of verses 23-40.  You can click here to read this passage.

Today we continue looking at these heroes of the faith.  We start by looking at Moses.  What is interesting to me when I read this account of his life in the passage to me is what he gave up.  Though he was raised as a son of Pharaoh, he chose instead to be with his people, the Israelites.  Why?  Faith.

To me, as I read these accounts today, I am struck how faith, for each of these, was not just some type of ethereal feeling, that they all went through, but instead, it was something that motivated them each to action.

Moses had faith so he suffered, walked, and led the people.

The Judges (Gideon, Barak, Jephthah, and Samuel) had faith and they led the people into repentance and into freedom, only to have them fall away again.

David had faith and led the people as their great king, but also through faith had the grace to repent after he had fallen into sin.

The prophets had faith, so they boldly preached the word and suffered under the sword of the king when their preaching ran afoul of that king.

All of these didn’t just believe, but they acted upon that belief.  That is what Hebrews is teaching us, that our faith is not simply something we believe, but it is a motivation to action.

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