Hebrews 11: 1-22 – The Word in Front of the Text

Today we will continue our deeper look at Hebrews 11, specifically verses 1-22.  You can read this passage by clicking here.  Today we’ll be looking at the world in front of the text, in other words, what does this passage mean to us today?

When I read about each of these individuals today I see that each of them had an experience with God.  Abel had God receive his offering.  Enoch walked with God, showing relationship.  Noah heard God speak and give a warning, Abraham heard God speak and give a call.

Each of these had an experience with God that shaped and motivated them.  If our “religion” is a relationship, then like any relationship, it must be formed and nurtured through time spent together.  As I’ve heard many say during COVID, there are many things that are frustrating, but the thing that has been life-giving to so many of us (myself included) is the additional time that we have been able to spend with family.

That faith that is unseen is nurtured through time that is spent together.  Our faith in God increases as we spend more time with God. The more I read, I pray, I fast, I have community, things such as that, the more my relationship grows, the more I see my faith grow.

So, today if we want the faith of Abraham or Noah, we need to do like they did and listen for and listen to His voice. That’s where faith is confirmed so often.  Through the relationship.  Today may we do just that.

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