A Life of Faith

Today we finish up Hebrews 11 and starting next week, we’ll look deeper at the stories of some of these saints of the faith.

I’ve always liked this chapter because it always reminds me of the people of great faith in my life and how they have shaped me.  So, here’s what I want you to do.  I want you to go back and read this chapter again.  And then, in some way, I want you to name your heroes of the faith.  You can write it down, or whatever you feel like doing with it.  But take note.  And if those persons are still living, taking a moment today or this weekend to contact them and thank them for the influence they’ve had upon your life.

Blanche Bigner – my granny. She shaped all my family and remember sitting by her in the church as a small child.

My parents -Maxine and Connie Stoddard – how they faithfully modeled love and dedication to your church.

Bill Poole – the preacher at Johnston Chapel who shaped so much of my early faith.

Eleanor Johnston – a precious saint who taught Sunday School to so many children.

Coach Mickey Myers – one of the greatest Christians I’ve ever know.

Bro. Roy Smith – shaped my faith so much in college.

Holly Stoddard – the kindest, most loving person I know.

My children – teach me every day how to be a better person.

These are some of my heroes of the faith.  Who are yours?

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