1 John 2: 1-17 – The World in Front of the Text

rootedchristToday we will continue looking deeper at 1 John 2: 1-17 and examining what this passage means for us today in our World in Front of the Text.  We’ll be looking specifically at verses 1-6.

John tells us that he is writing so that we may not sin, but if we do sin, we can have forgiveness through the atoning work of Jesus Christ.  John is constant on two major themes, as Christians, we should not sin, but if we do sin, we have forgiveness through Jesus. What are we to do with that today.  I think for us, this is a warning to take sin carefully.  Sin is destructive to us.  It is harmful to us. The reason why God hates sin so much is that it destroys His children.  Every sin, hatred, lust, greed, all of them, they will, in time, destroy us. Be careful with them.  Do not play with them.  Do not think that we should dabble with them. Sin destroys.  John wants us to know that.

But when we fall (which we will, we are human) we can be forgiven.  That is the balancing act that we live out of.  On one hand, we don’t want to sin, but on the other, when we do, we can be forgiven.

Where are you on that pendulum today?  Do you need the warning, do not sin?  Or do you need the encouragement, you are forgiven.  We all find ourselves in one place or the other. Where do you find yourself today?  Which word do you need to hear?

We are told that we know we follow Him if we obey His commandments.  If we abide in Him, live out His power and love, we will walk as He walked.  What is the path?  We’ll unpack that tomorrow morning in the next part of our reading.  So, two more questions.

Are we abiding in Him? Do we spend time with Jesus through prayer? Scripture? Worship?  The things of God?  If we abide in Him, we will follow.

So, if we are in Him, are we following Him? Where are the areas where we are not?  Where do we not follow? Where do we need to give authority to Jesus in our lives?

If we abide, we will follow. Today, are we doing that?

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