Luke 24: 13-35 – The World of the Text, Part Two

rootedchristToday we are going to continue our deeper look at the world of the text for the walk to Emmaus as found in Luke 24: 13-35.  Today we are going to be looking deeper at verses 28-35, where Jesus reveals Himself to these disciples.

Yesterday we see that Jesus revealed Himself to these disciples through Scripture and I think that is such a powerful passage, we see that all of Scripture, not just the New Testament, but the entire book, points to Jesus.  What a great reminder of our need to daily be studying Scripture.

Today we see Him revealed in another significant way. We see them gather at the table, and we see Jesus break bread with them. What happens when He breaks bread? Their eyes are open.  They see Him for who He is now.

There are certain things in Scripture that when we see them, we should take note that they are trying to tell us something bigger. When you see “breath” in Scripture, that is pointing to God’s Spirit, for instance. Anytime, especially with Jesus, you see “breaking bread” or “they broke bread,” those phrases are always pointing us to Holy Communion. For these disciples, it wasn’t until Jesus broke bread with them that their eyes were opened, and they could probably see Him for who He is.

The very first day our church can gathers together after this pandemic, we are taking communion.  Online worship is fine and great, and I am thankful for the many new people that our church is able to reach and impact through online worship.  But I long, I long deeply, to be with my community, together, and have the break broken, the elements blessed, and the very real presence of Christ made known in our hearts.

For those of us within the Wesleyan tradition, know that communion is more than a symbol or a remembrance online. It is a sacrament through which God gives us grace. The United Methodist Chruch does not believe that when the elements are blessed that they are changed, we believe that they remain bread and juice, but we do believe that when they are blessed, the Holy Spirit, through them, makes Jesus fully and really present within us.  We believe that the real presence of Jesus Christ is made known within hearts; in that way, He is really and fully present with us.

Through the breaking of the bread, He is made known.  Let us look forward each time our church gathers together to receive this sacrament, and may this gift allow us to see the presence of our Savior fully.

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