Luke 24: 13-35 – The World of the Text

rootedchristThe next two days we are going to look deeper at the world of the text for the walk to Emmaus as found in Luke 24: 13-35.  Today we are going to be looking deeper at verses 13-27, the actual journey and conversation that the disciples have with Jesus.  Tomorrow we’ll look deeper at what happens when the disciples invite Jesus inside.  Take a moment now to go back and read this passage.

We see that disciple named Cleopas and an unnamed disciple were walking to the village of Emmaus, about a seven-mile walk.  It was on this walk they were discussing what all the conversation in Jerusalem was, the fact the Jesus has been killed, and now some of the women were telling the rest of the disciples that they had seen Jesus risen from the dead.  It says in the text that these two disciples were “talking,” but the word in Greek is more passionate that talking, really more like debating.  It was an intense and passionate conversation.  Think about all that they had been through in these days.  They saw Jesus killed, saw their dream die (notice they say the one to redeem Israel, we’ll unpack that), and now there are rumors He is alive. They don’t know what to do with any of this.

They are walking, discussing things when Jesus appears to them.  Now, we know it’s Jesus.  The text tells us that.  We know it, but they don’t.  Jesus is able to prevent people from knowing who He is post-resurrection.  I am not sure how He does that (that’s a question to ask in Heaven), but that is what happens.  One thing I have always liked about this passage is that Jesus kind of “plays dumb.”  What are you talking about? What happened?

They say that they had hoped Jesus would be the one to “redeem” Israel.  The word there is one that is connected to liberation and really does have earthly or political connotations.  Remember, so many people were looking for an Earthly king.  They were looking for a king, much like David, who would allow Israel to return to a place of prominence.  This messiah would drive out the Romans and give the people the freedom they desired.  That’s what they want, and they are confused it didn’t happen!  And now some of the women are saying He’s alive.

Now Jesus really lays into them – come on. I love that it says He takes all the scriptures and show how they all point to Him.  From Moses to the prophets, all of it.  It is all pointing to Him.

I think it is significant for us to understand how many times they “missed” Jesus.  Obviously, they missed Him in this text when they didn’t recognize Him.  They missed Him in the past when they didn’t hear His words about being killed and raised again.  And they missed Him in the scriptures.

Tomorrow, they’ll see, because He reveals Himself.  He revealed the truth of scripture today.  Tomorrow we’ll see the rest.

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