Luke 11: 1-4 – The World of the Text

rootedchristThis week we are going deeper into a passage that you most likely know pretty well.  The Lord’s Prayer. We are going to be looking at the version fo the prayer that is found in Luke, specifically Luke 11: 1-4.  We’ll follow the  same pattern that we’ve been going by this year, one day of the world behind the text, at least one day of the world of the text, at least one day of the world in front of the text

Today we are looking at the world behind the text.

Today I want to look deeper at the words that are actually on the page in front of us, this is called the world of the text.  I think I’ve shared with you before, but one of the best tools I’ve ever used at understanding the world of the text is this website – Net Bible (  Their notes and their Greek/Hebrew tools are truly awesome.  If you are looking to truly get into the world of the text, this website is a great tool.

Let’s look at a few interesting notes from this prayer that we all pray.

First, notice in verse 2 to whom this prayer is addressed – “Father.”  This is a personal term, a world that directly addresses one’s Father or the one who stands in for one’s father.  This is a term of respect, but also of care.  Not just the care that one praying (us) has for the one being address (God), but this also implies that God cares for us.

As God’s children, yes there are things that we are supposed to do. But remember, as Father, God will care for us, God will provide for us, God will be there for us.  God is for us.  When we pray, we are not praying a distant God who is uncaring towards us, but we are praying to a God who deeply cares for us and, through His very title of Father, is tasked with caring for us.

Second, hallowed be your name.  The word “hollowed” means holy. Ok, cool. But what does holy mean?  To be holy means to be set apart. Different.  “Other.”  God’s name is holy; thus God’s name is set apart. We should use God’s name in a sacred way. Remember the commanded, do not take the Lord’s name in vain? But to speak of His name is to speak more of just what we call God.  Yes, we should treat God and His names and titles with the utmost respect. But in the Bible, your name is more than just what people call you, it is who you are.  So, to say that God’s name is Holy is to say that God is Holy.

So, if Father tells us that God is there for us and cares for us and a duty to us, hallowed tells us in the same way, though, that God is not one of us.  He is different.  He is not human.  His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. How awesome is it that this God that is beyond us wants to be in relationship with us?

Next, we pray – Your kingdom come – this is to pray for God’s will done perfectly.  This is what heaven will be, God’s will, done perfectly.  If God’s will is done perfectly, there is no more brokenness, no more sin, no more hunger, no more of these things. But so often when we think about all of this we think about it regarding the big picture or things out there.

What would my life, or your life, or any life look like if God’s kingdom were to come, within my life?  Or your life?  We would lose control of our will and our desire and perfectly follow God’s plan.

That’s scary. But it’s also holy. And it’s our dream.

Tomorrow we’ll finish looking at the world of the text.

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