Psalm 1 – How to be Rooted (part two)

rootedchristThis week we are going deeper into Psalm 1. Each week of our readings has a different theme.  As you know, or have noticed, the concept of “taking root” is a be theme here at St. Matthew’s.  And, you may or may not know, our church is currently in a season of listening and praying as we talk about our facilities, how do we live into our vision and our calling here at our church.  How do we “take root” into who God has called us to be? I think, even for those that are not a part of St. Matthew’s, one of the great questions of our life and of our faith is this – how are we rooted in what is true?  Our faith must take deep root in truth.  This week we’ll be looking at a passage that talks about taking root in something good, noble, and true.

Today we’ll talk about some specific ways that we can do what this Psalm tells us that we should do, to make sure that we are deeply rooted in Jesus.

One of the things that I used to really emphasize to my churches that I’ve served that there were three things that if we did them consistently, we will find ourselves deeper in love with God: we should read our Bible, pray, and go to church.  I believe that doing these things consistently will be acts that allow our roots to grow deep into Jesus and His life. What do I mean by that?

First, read your Bible. That is what we are doing here.  Every day, through our Rooted in Christ study, we have the chance to deeply engage scripture.  This is so important, for when we spend time in God’s word, we learn to hear God’s voice. I always think of something that Wesley said – scripture is twice blessed, it is blessed when it was written and it is blessed when it is read.  The same Holy Spirit that inspired the writing of scripture is the same Holy Spirit that speaks to us now through it.

Second, pray.  When we pray, we learn how to hear God’s voice.  Yes, our prayers have an effect upon God, but I think the most important part of our prayer time is that in it we learn to hear God’s voice.  We are going to be talking a lot more about prayer next week in our rooted readings.

And last, go to church. But this, I don’t just mean go to worship, but be part of a church.  Worship weekly.  Be part of a weekly small group (Sunday school or some other gathering). Serve daily. Be a part of the community.  Immerse yourself in the life of God and in the community of God.  Going to church isn’t about just “going” to a place, but it is about being a part of the greater community.  We need this.

If we do these things we will be rooted deeper and deeper in the life of God.  Let’s be faithful in these things. And as we do them, we will find the life that we are looking for everywhere else.

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