Psalm 1 – The World in Front the Text

rootedchristThis week we are going deeper into Psalm 1. Each week of our readings has a different theme.  As you know, or have noticed, the concept of “taking root” is a be theme here at St. Matthew’s.  And, you may or may not know, our church is currently in a season of listening and praying as we talk about our facilities, how do we live into our vision and our calling here at our church.  How do we “take root” into who God has called us to be? I think, even for those that are not a part of St. Matthew’s, one of the great questions of our life and of our faith is this – how are we rooted in what is true?  Our faith must take deep root in truth.  This week we’ll be looking at a passage that talks about taking root in something good, noble, and true.

Today we’ll be looking at the world in front of the text, what does this Psalm mean for us?

Yesterday we talked about the difference between those who are planted (or rooted) by streams of righteousness and those who are not.  I think one of the keys applications today or us though is what the text says in verse 1 – advice, path, and sit and verse 2 – mediate on His law.  To me, when I read this, it speaks to how we are shaped.  Are we shaped (taking advice from, walking, with, “sitting” with) those who have rejected God and turned away from His council, or are we meditating on His law? And as we mentioned yesterday, the word mediates could actually better be understood as obey.

What (or who) is shaping our lives and choices? Those who have made the conscious decision to turn from God (implied by “scoffer”) or are we taking root in the revealed truth of God?  What is determining our vision, our choices, and our lives?  Is it the voice of other people?  Or is it the voice of God as revealed to us?

One path leads to a rootless future where we are tossed aside by every moment, every emotion, every fad, everything whim of the moment.  The other gives us that deep foundation that cannot be moved, no matter what is happening.  One path leads to shallowness and death, one path leads to depth and life.

Today, are we taking root in God’s word?  Are we taking root in Jesus?  He tells us that He is the vine and we are the branches, our life flows from Him.

Taking root, as we say here, being Rooted in Christ, that is the path to life.

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