Psalm 1 – The World of the Text

rootedchristThis week we are going deeper into Psalm 1. Each week of our readings has a different theme.  As you know, or have noticed, the concept of “taking root” is a be theme here at St. Matthew’s.  And, you may or may not know, our church is currently in a season of listening and praying as we talk about our facilities, how do we live into our vision and our calling here at our church.  How do we “take root” into who God has called us to be? I think, even for those that are not a part of St. Matthew’s, one of the great questions of our life and of our faith is this – how are we rooted in what is true?  Our faith must take deep root in truth.  This week we’ll be looking at a passage that talks about taking root in something good, noble, and true.

Today we’ll be looking at the world of the text of this passage – what is happening in Psalm 1?

My bible (and the link you received) had this passage entitled “The Two Ways.”  That title is a great way to understand what is happening here. There are two “paths” before us in this passage. Path one is the path that is happy or blessed. This word used here, happy/blessed, is much like what we see in the New Testament within the Beatitudes. This happiness is not an emotion as much as an assurance, a deep peace and contentment that comes from trusting completely and totally in God.

Happiness comes to those who meditate, or as often translated: obey, the Law of the Lord. Those who allow the truth of God to shape everything about them. Those are the ones who have that happiness and peace that comes from God. Those who allow God’s law to live deep within them, they will not take council from or live in ways of the scoffers. They will not be shaped by those who seek to pull them away from God, but will instead be formed by God.

This is that second way withing the text, the path of what is called scoffers: those who reject God and His plan and path. Their way leads to destruction; they are like chaff that passes away. With that rejection of God and His love and plan, there is not the depth that comes from finding your “roots” somewhere life-giving.

Those who meditate (or obey) God’s law, they take root. They are like trees planted by streams of water. While the way of scoffers likes to being blown by the wind, the way of God leads to deep roots that can survive any storm. These roots come from the certainty of Gods’ love, God’s truth, God’s plan.

Here at St. Matthew’s, we talk about taking root – taking root in who we are because of Jesus. In the next few days, we’ll talk a little more about this way looks like and what it can mean for us. Today, though, let’s make sure that we take root in Jesus.

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