Psalm 1 – The World Behind the Text

rootedchristThis week we are going deeper into Psalm 1. Each week of our readings has a different theme.  As you know, or have noticed, the concept of “taking root” is a big theme here at St. Matthew’s.  And, you may or may not know, our church is currently in a season of listening and praying as we talk about our facilities, how do we live into our vision and our calling here at our church.  How do we “take root” into who God has called us to be? I think, even for those that are not a part of St. Matthew’s, one of the great questions of our life and of our faith is this – how are we rooted in what is true?  Our faith must take deep root in truth.  This week we’ll be looking at a passage that talks about taking root in something good, noble, and true.

Today we’ll be looking at the world behind the text of this passage – what exactly are the Psalms about?

The Psalms are beautiful good of scripture, I’d say one of the most beautiful books in all the Bible. But, the Psalms are also different than every other book because they are, for the Jewish people, their hymnal. These Psalms were the songs that the people would sing in worship, as they would go to Temple, as they lived their daily lives. The Psalms were at the center of the religious life for the Jewish people. That means they would have also have been at the center of the religious life for Jesus.  For the early church and for Christians today they remain at the center of our lives.  Many hymnals have the Psalter within them to be read or sung within worship and many daily lectionary guides layout for you to read through the entire book in a matter of weeks.

So many speak to us, 23, 51, 103, 121, and 139, just to name a few of my favorites.  But remember that the Psalms are poetry, they are to be understood in that manner. They are honest, they are at times angry, or sad, or jubilant. They run the entire gamut of emotion. And because of that, I think they are perfect for us to read because wherever we find ourselves in our life, we will be able to find a Psalm that will be able to speak to our hearts in that moment.

This week we’ll look deeper each day at Psalm 1.

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