Deuteronomy 6 – The World in Front of the Text (part two)

rootedchristThis week we are going deeper into Deuteronomy 6.  We’ve spent time looking at the world behind the text of this passage, what can we learn from the original context and the other things happening within the context of the Old Testament, you can click here to read that post. The last two days we looked at the world of the text seeing what the text actually says.  You can read those by here and here.  Yesterday we looked at the world in front of the text for the first half of the chapter and you can read that here.  Today we’ll look at the second half.  What does this text mean for us today?

Much of this chapter deals with memory. Remembering what God has done for us. Remembering our need for Him and yes even where we have failed.  These memories are important. They may not always be pleasant. But the memories of the past shape us in so many ways. Remember.

We remember because these memories teach us our weaknesses and our need.  Our failures can sting.  But our failures, our sins, these things teach us valuable lessons. The people are reminded not to put God to the test as have done in the past.  Failure is a powerful teacher.  They had failure God through their testing.  We have, yes, each of us, has failed God at some point. Through our actions, our motives.  Our sin. We have failed.  And in most relationships, those failures would have ended that relationship. But that is not the case with God.  Our failures do not negate His goodness.  Our failures do not negate His grace.  Our failures, in many ways, magnify His love for us, for while we have given Him many reasons to walk away from us, but He never has.  Our sin shows our need for Him and it also shows us the lengths He will go to to save us.  Remember your mistakes, for they point to God’s grace.

We remember because these memories teach us God’s provision.  The text reminds us that we didn’t make possible our victories. The people will live in houses that they didn’t build. They don’t have them because of their strength. They have them because of God’s goodness.  It’s so easy for us to think that our victories are ours and ours alone. That’s simply not the case.  God is the one that makes possible our victories.  Even in our lives today.  If we are successful, good job, good health, blessings in life.  Who made that possible?  Who gave us health, or work ethic, or the blessings of education, connections, experience?  God.  All of our blessings flow from Him.

We remember because these memories give that balance.  We are imperfect, God is perfect. But through His grace, we can do great things.  Remember we are imperfect, but that imperfection does not define us. God’s grace does.  Remember that balance.  Yes, we need God, but yes, God is there. And together, with His grace, we can do great things for Him.  Remember that balance today.

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