Revelation 21: 1-5 – The World in Front of the Text

rootedchristThis week we are going to be taking a deeper look at Revelation 21: 1-5. Today we’ll be looking specifically at the world in front of the text of this passage. If you missed my explanation of the three worlds of the text (behind, of, and in front of), you may want to take a moment and Day One’s guide, and it’s World Behind the Text.  Yesterday we looked at the World of the Text.  Let’s see what this passage could mean for us today. But, know that the words I share are helpful guides and thoughts. Through all scripture interpretation and reading, we want to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to each of us.

I think this text shows us that this moment, right now, it is not the end. Something so much better is coming.  As bad or as hard as things may seem, now that this moment is not the end. Something better is coming, something good is coming, something new is coming.  Don’t lose hope. That, to me, is the entire point of Revelation.  Do not lose hope.  No matter how bad it may seem now.  Now matter deep the pain, strong the temptation, or dark the circumstance. Something new is coming.

Looking at what lay ahead, we can:

1.  Live with hope – Something better is coming. Don’t give up.  God is not blind.  God is not uncaring. God is at work.  God will save.  Live with hope. This moment right now, no matter how bad it may seem or feel, it is not the end.  Don’t believe that it is.  It isn’t. God is still at work.   Don’t give up.  Live with hope.

2.  Don’t give up on others – God is not done with them.  Just as this moment and this circumstance is not the end; God has more to come; God is not done with “them” yet.  Don’t give up on them, because God hasn’t.

3.  Don’t give up on yourself – Likewise, don’t give up on yourself.  Your sin and failure don’t define you. God’s grace defines you.  Never forget that. God is not finished with you yet.  His grace is still at work.  Don’t give up on yourself, because God hasn’t.

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