From the Depths

Today’s reading is Psalm 130

rootedchristToday’s Psalm was one that I fell in love with when I was in college.  In the summers after my sophomore and junior years, I worked as a counselor at Twin Lakes Camp.  As we worshiped as councilors before the kids camp on Monday, we often would sing the Psalms.  This was one of the ones we’d sing (along with tomorrow’s).  I love so much about the Psalm.

I love that that it begins at a place of despair.  The Psalmist understands their great sin. They know how needy and how needful they are.  They are standing in need of mercy.  Sometimes, oftentimes, we come to God in that position, understanding our inadequacies.

But then see great hope.  If the Lord kept a record, who could stand?  No one. We would all find ourselves lacking if the Lord kept a ledger on us all. But He doesn’t, in Him, there is steadfast love, there is redemption, there is mercy and grace.

So, hope in the Lord.  In Him, there is grace greater than all of our sins.  You are loved and through grace you a forgiven.  Today and every day.  Grace is new each day.

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