Prayer of the Righteous

Today’s reading is James 5: 13-19:

rootedchristThis is a passage that we have heard a million times before, but we need to hear it again and again.  The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.  I think of how it reads in the King James, the prayer of the righteous availeth much.  Our prayers work.  I don’t know how and I don’t why, but I know that scripture is clear.  Our prayers have an effect on God.  Over and over again in scripture, we are told to pray. God hears. God acts.  God is good and is at work.  We should pray without ceasing. Pray for the sick. Those hurting.  Those in need.  For miracles. We should, we must pray.

Today, pray!  For the sick in your life. For those who need Jesus. For those in need. For those without. Pray. Pray long, pray often, pray faithfully.  Pray.  God hears. God knows.  God answers.  Today, pray. God is at work. Let us pray.

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