The Lord Sees

Today’s reading is James 5: 1-12:

rootedchristI think about James 5 every so often, in seminary one of my biggest papers was a breakdown of this chapter, what’s called an “exegetical” paper. I probably put more work into that paper than anything else I wrote in my time there.  We see in the beginning of this passage the warning to those that have means, be fair.  Take care of those who work for you.  Treat everyone well, don’t just think of yourself.  If your only thought and desire is to please yourself and get what you want from it, then in time those things that you desire will destroy you.  That is what is happening to those referenced in this text. Their desire consumes them and will be their judgment.

Then we see a word to those who are suffering, perhaps even from the oppression of those mentioned above.  Be patient. Trust in God.  God was with Job, He will be with you. Through His grace, even your suffering can become a blessing to you and even to others.  The Lord sees.  The Lord knows.  The Lord is not blind. Even in times of hurt or pain, trust. The Lord is at work. And He is good, in all things.  Trust, even in your sufferings.

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