The War Within

Today’s reading is James 4: 1-10

rootedchristToday we see some interest words, words I think that we all feel sometimes.  James today talks about how we all have cravings that seem to be at war within us.  We all know that feeling, don’t we? That desire to do the things that we know are wrong, these desires that we just know are things that we shouldn’t do, yet we find ourselves doing over and over again.  We find this war being waged, sometimes it feels like every second of the day.

So, what do we do with the war that that is within us?  We humble ourselves. We realize that we can’t do it, we aren’t strong enough to win the battle on our own.  We submit ourselves to God and we resist the devil. And then when we find ourselves fighting, not with our power but with God’s power, then we find the strength and power to win the battle.

Recognize our weaknesses.  Submit ourselves to God. Fight in His power, not ours.  Resist the devil. That is how the war is won.

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