Faith and Works

Today’s reading is James 2: 14-26:

rootedchristToday we see the heart of James’ teaching.  Faith without works is dead.  I love what he says here, basically, you believe in God?  Cool.  So does the devil. Do something about it.  Man, strong words.  Remember, James is writing to Christians.  He is writing to those that have upon them the name of Jesus. And he tells them strongly.  It isn’t about saying you have faith.  It’s about letting that faith live out through your actions.

James is not pitting faith against works. He’s not opposing Paul. What he is saying is this – faith will produce works.  It just will.  If your faith is alive.  It is growing, it will change everything about you. It will change your life, your actions, all that you are.

For me, this defines faith.  Faith is not an intellectual assent or agreement.  Faith is a converted life. The devil agrees that Jesus is Lord.  He knows it, he has seen it.  If all it takes is agreeing that Jesus is Lord or believing it, then the devil is a Christian. But that’s not all that is it is. Faith is a converted life, a life lived out fully for the Gospel. True faith produces works.  It simply must.  Just as a living body breathes, so does a living faith produce life.

Today, as you look at your faith, a simple question.  Is it producing life?

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