The Poor Among Us

Today’s reading is James 2: 1-13:

rootedchristToday we see James’ clear warning to the people.  No favorites!  God doesn’t play favorites, neither should you.  James tells the people we are to honor and esteem the poor as much as we esteem the rich.  The royal law is to love our neighbor and if we are not doing that, then we are not obeying the very heart of what we should be doing.  God shows no partiality.  Neither should we.

I think James challenges us over and over again about how we should treat the poor.  He won’t let this go.  Those of us who have so much, we are truly called by the Word of God to take care of those that do not. Especially as we draw close to Christmas, when so many of us will have so much, we have to stop and not just think about the poor among us, but actually do something about it.  Support a local charity (in Madison county MadCAAP is a great one).  Support the Salvation Army.  A local food bank.  Give to your local church. Give to benevolence funds. But more than just give financially, go and support. Deliver food. Adopt a family.  Dig in deep with those in need. As Christians, that’s our command.

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