Faith and Trials

Today’s reading is James 1: 1-11:

rootedchristWe are going to be looking at the book of James the next couple of weeks. I love James so much.  One of the things that is very interesting about this book is that James is written to believers, this is not a book of evangelism, this is not a book of persuasion.  This is a book of clarity and of instruction.  This is not a book that is interested in telling you how to become a Christian, this is a book that deals with what your life should look like when you are a Christian.

We are reminded early on, when we face all kinds of trials, to count these trials as blessings because they will grow our faith, these things will make us stronger, better, more faithful, in other words, holier.  These trials, if we allow  God’s grace to work within us in the midst of them, will draw us closer to God.

But, in these trials, hold fast.  Don’t doubt, don’t give up, hold onto God. If you lack wisdom He will give it. Whatever you need in these trials, He will give it to you.  Don’t doubt, believe. God will give and will bless.  Hold onto him.

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