Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul

Today’s reading is Psalm 103:

rootedchristThis Psalm y’all.  This Psalm has it all.  We could spend years here.  So, so many good things.  Just to touch on a few:

Bless the Lord, oh my soul.  This is the scripture that the beloved song 10,000 Reasons is inspired from.  Bless the Lord, oh my soul.  To bless the Lord is to give Him the unrestrained, unencumbered worship that He is due.  All that is within me should praise His name.  He is worthy of every ounce of praise that I can give today.

He heals your diseases, redeems you from the pit, this reminds me of Isaiah where were are told that all our weaknesses and infirmities were placed upon Him (meaning Jesus upon the cross).  He bore the weight of all our sin, our brokenness, all the sins of the world.  He has healed them through the resurrection.  He restored us from the pit.  He saves us.

He is slow to anger abounding in steadfast love – the Lord has every right to be angry at us because of our sin.  But he doesn’t.  He is slow to anger.  In a world that is quick to anger, the Lord is slow to anger.  If we are trying to be like Him, should not be our posture as well?  He is slow to anger, even with all our sins.

He does not deal with us according to our sins and they are as far as the east is from the west – so important.  When our sins are forgiven, they are forgiven.  Just as the east and the west will never touch, so will our sins never touch the memory of the Lord when He has forgiven them.  He has forgiven and forgotten our sins.

Why?   The Lord remembers that we are just dust.  As Job says, we are ashes to ashes and dust to dust.  The Lord is kind and merciful for many reasons, but primary among them; He knows that we are imperfect and in need.  He remembers our brokenness and loves us in spite of it.  Remember who we are.  The Lord does.  The Lord always shows us kindness and mercy because He loves us and remembers our brokenness.

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