Our Mission

rootedchristOver the next few weeks in our Rooted in Christ Study, we’ll be looking at some of the favorite passages from our staff at St. Matthew’s UMC. These are some of the parts of the Bible to mean to most to our staff.

Today’s reading is Matthews 28: 16-20

We read today what is commonly called the Great Commission, the command by Jesus for us to go into all the world, making disciples.  Notice, what He says that looks like, though.  He said that they should teach them to obey everything that He taught.  We see that this command is not just a command to “believe” in something but that it is a command to follow someone.  Faith and discipleship are not intellectual exercises, they are lives submitted to Jesus.  I think we have failed sometimes in faith, we can make it seems like faith is simply intellect or agreement, but in reality, it is conversion and obedience.  A converted heart obeys and follows.

This seems daunting.  So thus Jesus reminds us that He will be with us always, even to end of the age. We don’t have to worry or be afraid, He is with us and will not leave us.  No matter how great the task, He will not leave us and will give us the power to obey and be faithful.  Trust in that power today.

If you’d like to get each day’s daily scripture reading sent to your phone along with this reading guide, text @39110 to 81010 to sign up!

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