When We Lose

rootedchristOver the next few weeks in our Rooted in Christ Study, we’ll be looking at some of the favorite passages from our staff at St. Matthew’s UMC. These are some of the parts of the Bible to mean to most to our staff.

Today’s reading is Habakkuk 3:17-19

These prophets give me such hope.  Today we see another word of encouragement.  Even in the drought, even when there is no harvest.  Even when we don’t win, God is still God.  We live in a culture of winning. We live in a culture of bigger and better and everything has to be great at all times.  But that is not the way that life always turns out.  Sometimes we don’t win.  Sometimes life still hurts.  Sometimes life is just hard.

And God is still God.  He is still our rock and redeemer and our salvation. And we trust even when it is hard.  Even when it doesn’t bloom.

Even in death.  And sickness.  Even when we lose the job. Even when the church doesn’t grow. Even when we can barely make ends meet.  He is still God.  He is still our hope. Today, trust in Him.  Even when we lose.

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