Today’s reading is Psalm 40

rootedchristToday we see a psalm of praise for a saved life.  So often in the psalms, we see the plea for help.  God, make hast to save me, God restore me, God rescue me. Today, we see the song of praise from the one who has been saved me. We the word of thanks from the one who has been spared.  This is so important for us to see.  So often we see, we think, we focus on the need for prayer in times of trouble.  How often do we return for the thank you?  How often is there a word of thanks for what God has done?

Or to put it as we’d put in the country, how often do we have more prayer concerns than praise reports?

What are you thankful for today?  Where have you seen the hand of God?  Where has God spared you? Where has God given your life?  Where has God restored your life?  Where has God grabbed you and given you a new song to sing?

Today, yes, we much to pray for. But, we also have much to praise God for.  May our praises outnumber our prayers today.

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