The Desires of Your Heart

Today’s reading is Psalm 37

Today’s reading has another verse, that when taken out of context, can lead to great trouble.  Verse four says:

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

rootedchristGoodness.  If we just take this verse out of context, we can twist it into say that God wants to give us whatever makes us happy.  Take delight in God and He will give you whatever your heart wants.  Well, not exactly.  God will give us what our heart desires, sure, but here’s the thing.  First God is going to change our hearts to desire whatever it is that He desires.

He will change our hearts to be like His.  And when our heart is changed to be like His, then He will grant the desires of our heart.  This passage isn’t about us getting what we want. This passage is about us humbling ourselves, committing our ways to God, following Him above all else, and desiring Him above all else.

And then when He is what we desire above all else we will find him and hearts will be granted their desire.

Today, change after God above all else. Desire Him above else.  And in doing that, you will find life, above all else. For He is the life we seek.

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