The Lord Sees

Today’s reading is Psalm 35

rootedchristMany of the Psalms were written by David when he was in the midst of great conflict or trials.  David spent a lot of his life running, from Saul, from the Philistines and even from his own son Absalom.  David spent so much of his time running from his enemies.  That can be heartbreaking and exhausting to always be running from others, to feel as though they are always out to get you.  That is how David must have felt so often in his life.

That may be how you feel today.  You may feel outnumbered.  Like they are out to get you.  Like you have no friends, no one on your side.  We’ve all felt that way at some time.  That’s why I love the Psalms so much, they name what we feel so often.

So, what do we see in this?  David says this – the Lord sees.  He will vindicate.  He will take care.  Don’t be afraid.  Don’t worry.  God has this.  God has not turned a blind eye to you, your pain, your fear, your loss.  God has this.  God has you.  Don’t focus on this.  Focus on Him.  He had this.

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