Those of us Who Have been Blessed

Today’s reading is Romans 15: 22-33

rootedchristWe see Paul giving a little of his itinerary today to the Romans. He very much would like to go to Rome to visit with the believers there. But first, he must return to Jerusalem for a specific purpose. One of the things that he has been doing has been collecting and offering for the poor of Jerusalem; Many Christians at this time had fled from Jerusalem. They were starting to face persecution of all types, so many were against them, that it was easy to go to areas of less pressure.

But that then left in Jerusalem only those who could not leave. Those that were physically unable to leave, or even to work. The Christians in Jerusalem were poor and were not able to take care fo themselves. They needed help from the rest of the church Paul travels and preaches but also encourages those Christians who had much to give to those who did not. Those who were blessed were blessed to be a blessing to those who did not have. That was part of Paul’s message to the churches. And I think that’s a good message for us today.

Those of us that do have that more than enough it is part of our job to give. We are supposed to givers. God is a giver, and we are called to be like him. Givers.

Today, if we have, let’s give. Through our giving, they will be blessed. And in the end, so will we.

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