Patience with Others

Today’s reading is Romans 15: 1-6

rootedchristIt’s easy to get tired and sick of those that we feel like “don’t get it.”  It can be annoying and can get on our nerves. But look at what scripture says today; those who are strong should put up with the failings of the weak.  We should seek to please our neighbor, not put them down.  Those who are strong should show grace to the weak. That’s a great way to look at life and a hard way to look at life. But it’s the right way to look at life.

We should show mercy and kindness to those that may seem to know the least or understand the least.  We should serve them, as Christ served us.  Do you think that Christ would be tired of serving us, in spite of our weakness? But did, even to the point of death. So must we serve each other, in the same way? As Christ showed that patience with us when we were (and remain) at our lowest and weakest, so must we show that same mercy to each other, especially to those among us that we see as weak.

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