You Versus My Preference

Today’s reading is Romans 14: 13-23

rootedchristYesterday we talked about judging people for differences of opinion on things that aren’t “kingdom issues.”  Today, though, things change a little.  Today we look at ourselves and how our actions affect others.  For some in Paul’s day, eating a certain food was not a big deal. But the eating of that food may cause another person to stumble.  For Paul, the question is this.  What is more important?  Your right to eat such food, or the faith and spiritual health of another person?

In short, what was more important?  You doing what you want, or helping another person?  As he says, by what you eat or drink, do not cause the ruin of another.  The kingdom is more than food.  It is love and peace.  It is me loving your more than I love myself. It is me putting your needs ahead of my needs.

You should matter more to me than me getting what I want.  My wants should submit themselves to your needs.  Your worth, your value, your soul should be of utmost importance to me.

Your needs should matter more than my preference.  That’s what the Christian family should look like.

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