God is God

Today’s reading is Romans 9: 19-29

rootedchristSo today, Paul continues his “lawyerly” ways and make an argument.  If salvation is the work and effort of God, why does God hold guilty that that do not believe, if it is given via His effort?  Paul uses the example from the Old Testament, God is the potter, we are clay.  He is the one who is forming.  Of what right do we that are being formed to say to the one forming, no, you can’t do that!

God is God.  Ultimately, He is God.  I read somewhere when we say “God would never” what we are really saying is that “I would never.”  God is God.  We are never going to fully understand Him or His ways. Scripture is clear on this. I think that’s what Colossians 1:15 is so important – Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God.

I think Paul is asking a series of questions here, “what if…”  Paul is trying to show our inadequacies and how, in the end, God is righteous, and we are not. So, what if this holy God were to say that none of us have the right to enter into glory?  Can he not do that?  Of course, He can.  Paul is reminding us in this moment that God is God, and there are parts of God’s nature that we will never understand.

I will say, just a word of caution, don’t build your entire theology around one verse or even one section. Always seek to understand how the hard and confusing passages fit into the greater whole of scripture.  Always interpret the hard passages through the passages that are easier to understand.

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