All Things Work for Good

Today’s reading is Romans 8: 18-30

rootedchristRomans 8 is a tour de force.  Every last bit of it is great and has something really significant to speak to us.  Today’s passage answers one of the major questions in life, why do bad things happen, why is their tragedy, particularly of the natural disaster kind and then the verse that is my life verse.

First, we see in verses 18-24 the effects of the Fall.  We see that we are told that creation was subjected to futility not by its own will, but by the will of the one who subjected it. What does that mean?  It means this. Creation is fallen.  It is disordered.  It is not as God intended it.  That is because of sin.  When Adam and Eve fell, they took all of creation with them.  The disasters that plague creation; they were not God’s perfect will.  Sin corrupted everything.  It had a cosmic effect.

But, this sin is not the end of God’s work.  This leads to Romans 8:28, my life verse.  All things work for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. All things work for God. There’s not a single thing in life that God can’t use, that God can’t redeem.  Nothing.  Trust in that.  Trust, that even if your life doesn’t make sense, that even if you can’t understand it, God is at work.  He’s at work in creation, redeeming what sin has currpoted and He is at work in all our lives, redeeming what sin has corrupted.

Trust in God’s goodness.  Trust in God’s plan.  Trust in God’s grace, even if it doesn’t make sense. God is at work in all things.  Even if it doesn’t make sense. God is at work.   Trust.

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