Wages and Gifts

Today’s reading is Romans 6: 15-23

rootedchristToday’s reading includes another one of those great passages of scripture.  Romans 6: 23 tells us that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.  I think the language in this passage is just so wonderful.  Let’s contrast wages and gift.  A wage is something that you earn.  You wages are what you are paid for the work that you have done.  A gift is just the opposite.  A gift is something that is not earned.  It is not something you receive for your efforts.  It is simply given to you by the generosity fo the one that is giving it.

If you have done something to earn a gift, it is not a gift; it is a wage.  If it is earned, it is not a gift.

So, the wages of sin is death.  In other words, the thing that we have earned, base off of our actions is death.  That is what we have earned. But the gift of God is enteral life.  That is not something that we have been given, it is something that we receive.

So, we earn death. We are given life.  That friends is grace. That friend is God’s love for us.  We earn death.  We receive life.

God is good.  God is so good.

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