Today’s reading is Romans 6: 5-14

rootedchristPaul continues in his rebuttal to sin, and it’s power in our lives.  Paul talks about something very interesting today in this text.  He says in verse 12 to not let sin have dominion in our lives, that we obey their passions.  I think that is such an interesting concept of “passion.”  It makes me think about the term from the law, a crime of passion.  These crimes are marked by lack of control; they are marked by an individual “giving in” to an impulse.

Think about that regarding our sinful actions.  How often, after having done something, do we regret it?  Do we understand that we have made a mistake?  I think that’s why “self-control” is one of the fruit of the spirit.  In this time and this age, self-expression is seen as a virtue, when according to scripture it self control is a virtue.

We have to learn to control our passions.  We can’t be led by them.  I’m not saying that we have to or should live a life that is devoid of joy or fun, but our life should be lived submitted not our passions but to Christ.  Jesus, not our passion, is Lord of our lives.

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