Today’s reading is Romans 5: 12-21

rootedchristIn today’s passage, we see Paul contrast Jesus and Adam.  Through Adam, sin entered the world. Through the fall, all humans have original sin and that their sinful actions deserve punishment.  That is the way that it works.  Through Adam, this evil entered into the world.  Our efforts and our sin will result in judgment. But, through Jesus, grace enters in.

Through one man’s sin, many were condemned. Though one man’s faithfulness, many shall be saved.  The actions of Jesus are greater than than the actions of Adam.  Yes, sin is real.  It affects me, you, creation, everything and everyone. But sin is not greater than God’s saving action through Jesus Christ.  No matter how great the sin may seem, it is not greater than the grace of Jesus that is given through faith.  Many stand condemned because of Adam (and their own actions).  Many shall be saved in spite of Adam (and their own actions).

Grace is always greater for those who believe.

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