Grace is the Path Forward

Today’s reading is Romans 3: 9-20

rootedchristPaul continues down the path of showing that all are sinful.  You may be thinking, why does Paul keep going here?  What is he trying to tell us?  Part of the struggle that Paul is facing is that both groups (Jews and Gentiles) think that they are worthy and doing ok.  They don’t need grace.  They are doing enough themselves to earn God’s love.  Jews are good because of the law; they keep the Sabbath and the festivals. They have circumcision and Abraham, so they are good.

Likewise the Gentiles have earthly wisdom. They have the Roman religion and society that they are part of and that they follow.  So, they are good.

Paul is trying to show, over and over again that grace is the path forward.  Not works.  Not religion.  But grace.  But until we understand that we need grace, we can’t appreciate it.

Paul is disarming every structure we have that tells us that we are good and not needful.  We think we have this. Paul wants us to know, no, you don’t have this.

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