Why be Religous?

Today’s reading is Romans 3: 1-8

rootedchristPaul has spent a lot of time in the last few chapters showing us how everyone is broken and in need of God.  We see in chapter one that Gentiles are sinful and the effect that it has upon them. Then, we see in chapter two that those that are Jewish are sinful too, and we see some of the effects it has upon them.

So, the natural question is this, why be religious?  Is it of any value?  Is it of any importance?  If everyone is broken and in need, then why should anyone even try or worry about religion?  Just let it be what it is.  In fact, if you look around, that’s a question that is asked today quite frequently.

Paul today says no, the law is of great value.  It shows us God’s great holiness.  It shows us God’s great justice.  It shows us how great and strong God is.  It can be easy for us sometimes to forget the holiness of God. When we understand how holy God is, how high and great His standards are, when we see great He is, we also see how lacking we are. The Law shows us that we can’t follow the law.  And that shows us, even more, just how great His grace is.

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