Kindness and Repentance

Today’s reading is Romans 2: 1-11

rootedchristToday we see that God also holds those who know the law accountable as well.  Yesterday we saw that the Gentiles who knew the law were accountable, but today we see those that knew the law are just as sinful and just as in need as they are. All stand in sin; all are in need.

But today has my main preaching verse in all the bible. Romans 2:4 – Do you not realize that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance.  Another translation puts it like this.  Do you know that we are driven to repentance by the kindness of Christ?  I love that verse so very much. That verse describes how and why I preach like I do.  I believe in hell. I believe in judgment. I do. Really.  But I know this. Fear of hell is a decent starting place. But it is not a place you can stay or where your faith can grow. We are driving to repentance and following God, in then, and I believe most faithfully not by “fear” of God, but by love. We are driven by His compassion.  His mercy.  His grace. That is what should motivate us to be faithful. That is what motivates me to preach.  To love. To serve.  To give. To be faithful. Not fear. But the kindness of God. The mercy of God. The grace of God.

We are driven to repentance by the kindness of Christ. Today, may we all repent of the sin in our lives. Not out of fear, but out of love. Out of His kindness.  Today, may that be our motivation.

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