All are in Need

Today’s reading is Romans 1: 18-32

rootedchristPaul was a lawyer by training. The next few sections, Paul is going to prove to us a point.  Everyone is sinful and in need of salvation.  There is no need for salvation if there is nothing to be saved from. So, Paul, over the next few chapters, will show us how everyone is sinful.  When we all agree that everyone is sinful, he will show us what the consequences of sin are. When we realize that we are sinful and our sins are deserving of judgment, we are more thankful than ever for salvation.

Today, Paul starts off with the Gentiles, the ones that don’t know the law. Well, how can they be held accountable if they don’t know the law?  Paul tells us that in fact, no one is without excuse, because the glory of God has been shown to everyone.  Everyone has seen the glory of God in creation; everyone can know something of God. So, how do people respond to that light and to that grace?  They did not respond, so God allowed them to choose darkness.  Their mind was darkened to God, and that led them to choose to reject God with all of their lives.

Today, do you honor God with all that you are?  Do you honor God with your mind?  Do you seek to find God in all place?  Are you looking? Are you seeking?  Are you following?  God always reveals Himself. Always.  Keep your eyes open. Keep your mind focused. You will see Him. When you do, follow.

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