Not Ashamed

Today’s reading is Romans 1: 1-17

rootedchristThe next few weeks we’ll be looking at Paul’s letter to the Romans.  This is such an important book; it is really the first book of Christian theology.  In this book, Paul reflects upon who Jesus is, what salvation is, what God’s plan is, what grace is, and who we should be.  It is a very powerful book.  I’ve heard many people that I respect say that if they had only one book to study the rest of their lives, that book would be Romans because it contains the totality of salvation and the Gospel in very powerful ways.

Today we see Paul make his introduction to the people. They “knew” of Paul, but they didn’t “know” him.  He was the Apostle that was off throughout the world, planting churches and preaching the Gospel. This church was in Rome, the seat of power, the church in the most powerful city in the world.  Paul’s letter to the people focuses on the power of the Gospel.  That is his point all through out.  He will establish that ALL, everyone is in need, and Jesus came to save us from sin, doubt, guilt, from all of it.

Today, we see Paul say this truth – the Gospel is power.  For the Jew, for the Gentile, for all who believe.  This is the power of God for salvation, and he is not ashamed of that gospel, of that love, of that power, of all of it.  He was not ashamed, for that is his power, his hope, his everything.

He was not ashamed.  Nor should we be.  No matter what others think.  We should live boldly, love boldly, serve boldly, follow Jesus boldly.  That is our hope and life. The power of the Gospel.

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