Rock and Fortress

Today’s reading is Psalm 31

rootedchristToday’s Psalm references several times the notion of God being a rock and a fortress.  Unless you a familiar military history or strategy, that may not mean anything to you. But David was a military man; he had fought many battles as king and before being king.  One of the essentials of battle is having a position that can be defended.  If you have the high place, or a fortress or a place that is easy to defend, it will be very hard for the enemy defeat and move you.  Having a fortress or place of defense can be a necessity in battle.

We are in battle. A spiritual battle and sometimes a battle within ourselves.  In these battles we find ourselves in, God is our rock.  He is our fortress.  He is our defense.  He is the one in whom we trust.  You will fight battles, sometimes daily.  Know where to turn.  Where is your strength?  Where is your defense?  Where is your hope?  Who do you rely upon?

God is our rock.  He is our shelter.  He is our strength and hope in the fight.  When you are in a spiritual battle, know where to turn.  Turn, over and over, to God.

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