God Has This

Today’s reading is Psalm 27

rootedchristYesterday’s Psalm was more downcast.  David knew that God would deliver him, but he was also worried and somewhat concerned.  Today, though it is much different.  David KNOWS that God will deliver.  He is not worried.  He is not concerned.  He knows that God will save.  All will be as God desires, and he trusts in that goodness of God.

Isn’t it amazing the difference perspective can make?  I think that’s one reason why I like the Psalms so much.  Sometimes I’m more Psalm 25, I know God has it, and it will all be ok, but I still worry and fret.  Sometimes, though I’m Psalm 27.  GOD HAS THIS.  I have NO reason to fear.  God has this.

But most times I swing back in forth.  And you know what?  That’s ok.  No matter where I find myself in the midst of this,  God is there.  God is good.  God is strong. God is mighty.  Whether I feel it or not.  God’s goodness and power are not based on how I feel today.  It’s based upon who He is.

Today, no matter how we are feeling, may we trust.

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