The Earth is the Lord’s

Today’s reading is Psalm 24

rootedchristToday’s Psalm has to it three basic movements.  Verses 1-2 remind us who’s the earth is.  Verses 3-6 tell us who will see the LORD.  And verses 7-10 are of praise to God.

In the first section, we are told that the earth is Lord’s.  All of it. All the earth is God’s.  Not just the church.  Our homes.  Our schools.  Man, even the interstate.  It is all the Lord’s.  Do we live like that?  Do we live with the understanding that everywhere we are is God’s territory and God’s space?  It’s not mine, it’s not yours.  It’s His. How would that change things if we did?

The second section tells us who will be in fellowship with God?  Those that have clean hands and pure hearts.  Oh no.  Well, I guess I’m not getting in, because I know that I don’t have that.  That is why it is important to read scripture in totality and not just take one verse alone. When I read this, my first thought is that I will ascent to that holy hill, because I am not sinless. But when we read all of scripture we see that we are not righteous based on our actions, but upon the action of Jesus upon the cross.

And finally, we see that heaven’s gates are open for the King of God.  Who is the king?  The LORD of hosts.  He is worthy of all our praise and worship.  Today may He receive all our praise and worship.

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