The Good News

Today’s reading is 1 John 1: 5-10

rootedchristToday’s passage is only six verses. But man, oh man, there’s a lot there. He starts talking about how God is light, and in Him, there is no darkness and that light and the blood of Jesus will cleanse us from ours. Light drives out darkness, but we all have darkness. We all have sinned. The text tells us that if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

So we all have sinned. Each of us. All of us. We all have sinned; we all have made mistakes; we all have fallen; we all are in need of redemption. Don’t beat yourself up over that fact. You are sinful. I am sinful. We have made mistakes. It doesn’t make us the scum of the earth. It makes us human.

But here is the good news. If you confess your sins, God is faithful and just and cleanse us from all unrighteous if you confess to God. Seriously. When we ask for forgiveness, we are forgiven. Seriously. We are. We are forgiven. You don’t have to hold onto it any longer. You don’t have to have to beat yourself up anymore. You are forgiven. You are.

God has forgiven you of your sin. He has let them go. Today, you can as well. Through Jesus, you are forgiven. Never, ever, ever, forget that.

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