By Faith

Today’s reading is Hebrews 11: 1-7

rootedchristToday we begin three days in Hebrews 11, what is sometimes called the “Hall of Faith.”  In this chapter, the author of Hebrews goes within the Old Testament to point out the saints of old, and how they had faith in God and had faith in things that were not yet seen.  That is what God wants most from us, faith in Him.  Belief, trust, and hope in Him.

One of the interesting things you will see in this week is that many of the names that will be mentioned as examples of faith are not “rock stars.”  Today,  yes, we see Noah, but we see Able.  We see that the reason why God accepted his sacrifice was the faith through which he offered it.  We see that it was his faith that made it acceptable to God, nothing more, nothing less.

We also see Enoch was taken by God, he never died, but was taken up into heaven.  Why?  Because his faith pleased God.  It is faith that pleases God, it is faith that He desires.  Not our actions.  Not our morality.  Not our “holiness.”  Faith.  Faith pleases God.  Faith is the backbone of everything that God desire from us, faith is the foundation of our walk with Him.

Today, don’t focus on your actions but focus on your faith.  Let your faith in God inform and shape your actions.  Then your actions will be an extension of that faith that pleases God.

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