You Have a Place

Today’s reading is John 14: 1-14

rootedchristThis is a famous teaching of Jesus, one that you have probably heard, especially at funerals.  It is one of the main texts suggested for funerals in the United Methodist Book of Worship.  In this passage, we see Jesus telling His disciples not to be afraid or worried. Yes, he was going away, but He was going to prepare a place for them.  This is something that is especially powerful to me.

In the Holy Land, you will see a family that will have lived on the same spot for centuries.  Each generation will build upon that space.  When a son marries, the father will build an addition to the family home, that way that son will have a place prepared for him to live, along with his family.  In this way the son (and his family) will always be safe and cared for, they will always have a home, no matter what happens or changes in the world.  The people of Jesus’ day understood this.  Just as their father had prepared a place for them, so was Jesus going to prepare a place for them.

Now, He had to go away to do this. But He was preparing their place.  They would always have that place.  They should not be afraid or worried.  They were taken care of.  Just like you and I ard.  Do not be afraid.  Do not be worried.  You have a place.  You have a home.  You are taken care of.

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