Be Ready

Today’s reading is Matthew 25: 1-13

rootedchristThe rest of this week, we will be looking at Matthew 25.  The parable of the sheep and goats, which we will get to, is one that always keeps me up at night. Before we get to that, we see two parables, one focusing upon being awake, the other upon using our resources wisely.

First, we see the parable of the ten bridesmaids. They were not prepared and were not ready for the coming of the bridegroom. They missed when he came.  This is one of those parables, that when I was a kid, I thought was only concerned with the second coming. Be ready for when the bridegroom comes.  There is truth to that, we need to be ready for the return of our Lord, we don’t know when it is that He may return, we need to anticipate and be ready for that.

But I think in light of the context later this chapter, I think Jesus is not just telling us to get ready for His appearance at the end of time, but get ready, each day, to encounter Him.  To see Him, daily. How many of us truly expect to see Jesus each day of our lives? Are we looking?  Are we ready?  If we aren’t looking and are not ready, when He comes to us, perhaps in unexpected ways or at an unexpected time, will we be ready to see Him?

Today, may we always be ready for when the Lord appears.

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