For His Great Love

Today’s reading is Hosea 11: 8-12

rootedchristToday we see God’s reaction to His broken heart.  He cannot give up His people.  His compassion grows.  He will not execute His anger.  He’s not human, He is God.  He doesn’t reason or act as we do.  He gives mercy and forgiveness where only judgment should be.  You or I, we may (and probably would) bring judgment in this situation. But God doesn’t.  He gives grace, undeserved grace, and mercy.

Because of His great love for His people.

He will not come in wrath. Because of the work of Jesus, His wrath has been satisfied.  God’s wrath has been done away with, because of the work of Jesus (go back and reread Isaiah 53 again).  We don’t have to be afraid of God.  He’s not out to get us.  He loves us.  He could and would be justified if He came in wrath.

But He doesn’t.  He comes in grace.

Today, know just how much God loves you. Seriously.  Know how much you have done that is wrong.  Know how He has, through Jesus, forgiven you of each thing.  And know that you are loved. Today, may we each of us lay down our lives and follow this God that gives us love and grace, in spite of our great sin.

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